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Anxiety Disorders

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A traumatic event or consistent on-the-job stress can lead to an anxiety disorder, ultimately making it difficult or impossible for an individual to perform his or her job.

Fortunately for people who suffer from anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and related conditions caused by workplace stress, workers’ compensation benefits may be available.

The Law Offices of Thomas M. DeBenedetto represents people in San Diego County who are seeking workers’ compensation benefits for an anxiety disorder. Call our law office to speak to an attorney who is experienced at handling psychological claims, and who can walk you through the legal process.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Anxiety Disorders

Individuals who suffer from an anxiety disorder should seek help from a mental health professional. Not only is this important from a diagnosis and treatment perspective, it is also important from a documentation perspective. When evaluating a workers’ compensation claim, the insurance company requires significant documentation and proof that the condition occurred due to workplace events. Any witnesses to the event that led to the anxiety disorder should also be noted. Examples of a workplace condition that can lead to anxiety include:

  • A traumatic event or accident at work
  • Stressful workplace conditions that lead to sleep problems
  • Harassment by a co-worker

If the claim is approved, medical bills, medications, lost wages, and other benefits may be awarded. If the claim is denied, the individual may seek a workers’ compensation appeal. Our firm can assist with both initial applications and appeals.

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