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Hypertension Cardiac Injuries


Has a Work Injury Caused Hypertension?

Victims of work injuries are entitled to workers’ compensation for those injuries, but what about medical conditions that occur as a result of those injuries? If someone suffers a back injury at work, the back injury is covered. What about the hypertension or cardiac injuries caused by that worker’s weight gain after a series of back surgeries force him or her to remain inactive for a number of months?

Hypertension and cardiac injuries suffered as a result of another type of work injury are considered compensable consequences. Victims are entitled to compensation for these types of secondary medical conditions.

At the Law Office of Thomas M. DeBenedetto, we make certain that conditions like these are not overlooked. We ensure that you get all of the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to.

These are Complex Work Comp Claims

Denials are extremely common in claims related to hypertension, cardiac injuries and other compensable consequences of work-related injuries. A denial is not the end of the case, at least not when we are involved. We will push even further. We will fight to see that you get all of the compensation you need.

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Recovered for Work Injury Victims

The record we have built since our founding in 1992 stands on its own. We have handled cases involving hypertension and cardiac injuries of all kinds, not to mention all other types of work injuries including psychological injuries. Our record of success is built on our willingness to aggressively fight until you get the benefits you deserve.