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Psychological Injuries

psychological injuries

Have You Been Psychologically Injured Because of Your Job?

Workers’ compensation claims related to psychological or psychiatric conditions are often quickly denied. They are unfairly dismissed. At the Law Office of Thomas M. DeBenedetto, we stand up to employers and insurance companies who deny these claims. We will fight to get you the compensation you are entitled to.

We represent people in San Diego County, California, who have suffered work-related mental illnesses of all types, including:

Compensation for Psychological Overlay

Psychological overlay is the term used for a mental condition related to a physical injury. For example, if someone suffers a neck injury and the pain caused by the injury itself and its related surgeries cause lack of sleep, the sleeping disorder is considered a psychological overlay. It is a compensable consequence of the work injury and, as such, is eligible for workers’ comp.

Compensation for Psychological Conditions Caused By Harassment

Psychological injuries are not always caused by physical injuries. These conditions can also be brought on by sexual harassment, workplace discrimination or a hostile work environment. Victims of these conditions are entitled to workers’ comp.

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Recovered for Job Injury Victims

The record we have built since our founding in 1992 speaks for itself. We have handled cases involving all types of psychological and psychiatric conditions, not to mention all other types of workplace injuries. We built our record of success on pushing until we get results, even in these challenging cases.