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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Claim Assistance

Most injured or ill employees are not ready for the challenges of a workers’ compensation claim. The process is time-consuming and intricate.


In 2023, injured or ill employees filed over 14,000 workers’ comp claims in California. Approximately half of these claims are currently denied or delayed. There are injured employees without means to a full and rightful recovery.


Thomas DeBenedetto & Associates – Workers’ Compensation Attorney helps injured or ill employees.
His work injury law firm in San Diego has recovered over 1 billion in client benefits since 1992.

Thomas DeBenedetto & Associates - Workers' Compensation Attorney

Over 1 Billion in Benefits Recovered on the Behalf of Our Clients

Over 30 Years of Experience in Workers’ Compensation Claim Rights for the Injured

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Immediate Medical Treatment for Your Injuries

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Workers' Comp Claim Services

We can provide the following if you are injured or become ill from the job:

File Claim

Our law office will assemble and file necessary documentation to prevent delay or denial.

Medical Treatment

Our law office will promptly select a treating physician from the Medical Provider Network to secure treatment for your injuries. 

Temporary Disability

We will determine if you qualify for temporary disability (T.D.) payments. You may be eligible to receive payments equal to 2/3 of your weekly average income if:

  • Your company does not provide you with alternate work that pays your regular earnings while you recover.
  • Our examining physician suggests that you are totally disabled. You cannot perform any work at all.

Delayed Claim

The carrier has 90 days to investigate if there is a delay in the workers’ compensation claim. They must also decide on acceptance or denial.


Our law office will ensure the workers’ comp insurance company pays up to $10,000 in medical care.

Denied Claim

The insurance carrier is not required to pay any temporary disability benefits if your worker’s comp claim is denied. They are also not required to provide medical care.


Our firm will use its resources to find a physician who accepts the workers’ compensation claim. The physician will also take medical expenses on a lien basis.


Your claim will likely settle or proceed through litigation and trial with our firm.

Claim Settlement

Thomas DeBenedetto has over 30 years of workers’ compensation experience. His firm focuses on winning your injury claim. We won’t settle for a dime less than you deserve at trial.

Trial Representation

Workers’ Compensation lawyer Thomas DeBenedetto has over 30 years of trial litigation experience. Our firm is aggressively focused on winning the case rather than settling for a dime less than you deserve. Expect the trial to be scheduled within a period of six to twelve weeks from the requested date.

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