Workers Compensation Benefits


Learn About the Benefits You Are Entitled To

Victims of work injuries in California are entitled to a variety of benefits. At the San Diego Law Office of Attorney Thomas M. DeBenedetto, we are committed to helping you get all of the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to, regardless of the injury you have suffered.

Medical Benefits

Injured workers are entitled to all necessary medical care at the employer’s expense. In addition to coverage of the medical care itself, workers are entitled to reimbursement for mileage to and from all appointments. This is currently paid at 58.5 cents per mile.

Permanent Disability Benefits

If a work injury results in a permanent disability, the injured employee can recover these workers’ compensation benefits. Essentially, this is a cash settlement for the injury.

Supplemental Job Displacement Vouchers

When a worker suffers an injury that prevents him or her from returning to the field he or she previously worked in, this benefit is available. It provides money to cover the costs of retraining for a new occupation.